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HIDevolution is proud to offer superior warranty plans for both our U.S. and non-U.S. customers

If you are located outside the U.S., we would highly suggest you go with one of our international parts and service warranties. In the case where we have exhausted all resources diagnosing and repairing your system remotely and require repair service at our facility, the international warranty will cover 2 way shipping (by DHL) from you back to us, and us back to you again You would be limited to 2 return shipping instances for each year of your warranty. After the 2 instances have been exhausted, you would be responsibe for shipping back to us, and we would cover shipping back to you. We recommend the international service plan because the added cost will usually cover even 1 instance of international shipping back to us. We are able to cover you under the standard U.S. warranty, but in case repair service is required, you would be liable for shipping both ways under all circumstances. Simply think of it as insurance. Although all the products we sell are very reliable and defects are rare, there is always a small chance that things can go wrong.

The warranty will NOT be voided if you install your own parts into our products. We sell laptops made for performance enthusiasts, and we understand our customers will want to upgrade their components from time to time (and maybe more often than we think). Just remember that parts that you install would not be covered by us in case of a warranty claim.