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Tuning and Optimization (TOP) Service

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Tuning and Optimization (TOP) Service

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Tuning and Optimization (TOP) Service


Have your new computer tuned by one of our professional technicians in a 1-on-1 remote session for optimal performance, privacy, and security in Windows 10. We will also customize the functionality and appearance of Windows to your preferences. Once you are satisfied with the tune and optimization, we will create a system restoration image within your SSD/HDD to preserve the tweaks and get you back up and running in an emergency. Once you place your order we will contact you to schedule your remote session.

It will take ~2 hours to complete. It is an interactive session where you get to choose what you want and don't want.

1- A brief orientation of your computer's features and how to change settings such as keyboard lights, fan controls, installing some basic apps and settings as the default handler (ie. Microsoft Office, Media Player, PDF viewer, etc) which is not straight forward in Windows 10.

2- Un-installation of the Windows Store apps that you don’t need including the ones which don’t have an “un-install” option. (ie. Cortana, maps, people)

3- Removing Windows 10 privacy invasion like Telemetry, collecting activities that you do on your computer, sending your keystrokes to Microsoft, automatically installing suggested apps in the background, allowing Microsoft to conduct experiments on your laptop, disabling Windows 10 ads, disabling Cortana, Cloud Search, and disabling Microsoft from using your computer as an upload server to send previously installed Windows updates to other users worldwide.

4- Installing and configuring your favorite web browser with an ad-blocker to prevent ads and online tracking.

5- Preventing Microsoft Edge from running automatically on startup in the background which takes up system resources.

6- Turning on Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling to improve performance and reduce latency

7- Adjusting several options in PC Settings like disabling Windows Tablet Mode (since you have a laptop/desktop not a tablet), disabling suggestions appearing in the start menu, disabling Game DVR which reduces performance, and much more.

8- Installing a local PC search tool that finds any file instantly!

9- Replacing the “Photos” app with a better image viewer that is faster and has a wider image format support.

10- Restoring the Classic Windows 7 Start Menu if you prefer the old classic Start Menu.

11- Completely disabling Windows Defender from its roots (including all scheduled tasks and startup files) for those who want to install their own security solution. We recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus if you want the best security with the least system performance impact. See: AV-Comparatives Latest Performance Tests

12- Removal of factory installed bloatware.

13- Updating all drivers to the latest versions.

14- Disabling unnecessary services to improve performance.

15- Restoring the missing default power plans in Windows 10 (ie. High performance, Power saver).

16- Creating a system image enabling you to easily restore your computer the way it was after all the tweaks were done within a few minutes.

17- Filling the OEM Info in System Properties with your computer model, support contact, and link to your computers drivers page for easy access:


Windows 7 Start Menu Styles you can choose from:

Start Menu Style 1 (Modern)

Start Menu Style 2 (Classic)


Start Menu Style 3 (Alienware Black)


Start Menu Style 4 (Alienware Silver)