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Order Statuses Stages

Pending Review - Your order has been received/acknowledged and our order verification staff is in process of reviewing your order. For orders placed with "alternate payment" as the payment method, please contact your sales adviser or for payment instructions.

Payment Review -   For orders placed by credit/debit card requiring further review, your order may move into Payment Review status and you will be contacted by email or phone to verify your order. For orders placed with bank transfer, we are awaiting your payment.

Payment Review Complete - Payment has been received, or your credit/debit card has been authorized, or your financing company has approved your loan; and your order has been successfully reviewed by our order verification staff. If your order requires customization, a quality check, or special handling, it will be handed off to the build staff to be worked on. If not, your order will proceed to the next stage. During this time, a member of our sales staff will check your order for accuracy and may contact you for recommended suggestions and guidance.Note we only authorize your payment or loan at time of order. We do not capture payment (charge your card or PayPal funding vehicle), or notify your financing company to start billing your installments until we are ready to ship your order. The authorization to your payment or loan may expire if we do not ship your order and capture the authorization within the authorization validity period. If the authorization disappears after a few days, we will reauthorize and charge your payment at time of shipment confirmation. If you financed your purchase through one of the lenders on, the authorization is valid for approximately 30 days. To avoid delays, please keep your funds/credit available and notify your bank or card issuer in advance to expect a charge from HIDevolution. We understand some customers prefer to be charged immediately instead of keeping the payment authorized to avoid issues with expired authorizations, re-authorizations/captures, and fluctuations in exchange rates. Please reply to this message if you would like us to charge your payment or loan immediately.

Processing - Orders placed through Credit/Debit Card or Paypal will automatically enter this stage once the order is placed. During this time, a member of our sales staff will check your order for accuracy and may contact you for recommended suggestions and guidance.

Pending Pre-Order - Your pre-order has been received/acknowledged. Our sales staff will contact you with any relevant information regarding the arrival date of your product. Pre-orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. Your credit/debit card will only be authorized and NOT be charged at this time. 

Parts/Product on Order - If the base system or component(s) necessary for your order are not in stock, they will be ordered from the manufacturer or vendor at this time. We will advise you of which components are on order, and if available, an estimated time of arrival. We work with our partners closely to maximize efficiency and minimize delays.

Pre-Production - A member of our build staff has examined your order, and printed your work order. The base system and upgrade components, if applicable, will be picked from inventory in preparation for the custom build or quality check.

In Production - A dedicated build technician has begun working on your system. The finish line is near! Once the build is complete, the technician will benchmark, burn-in, test your system for faults, and make necessary adjustments. The build supervisor will sign off on the work order when your system passes all tests.

Awaiting Shipment - Your order has been invoiced, handed off to the warehouse, and awaits shipping.

Order Ready for Pickup - Your order is ready for pickup. We are located at 511 S Harbor Blvd, La Habra, California 90631. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

Complete - Your order has been packaged safely in its original factory packaging and double boxed in a plain brown box to deter from unwanted attention. Courier tracking information has been provided.